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Tamworth Olympic Gymnastics Club (TOGC) was founded in 1979 by Sue Goodman. As a gymnast herself, Sue wanted to share her passion with the next generation. The club began at Torc High School in Tamworth with a handful of gymnasts before moving to our current home in 2006. At this point the club had grown to 200 gymnasts. In March 2017 TOGC successfully expanded into a neighbouring unit, doubling the club’s capacity.

Today our club has over 600 gymnasts, 20 coaches and runs 50 classes per week. TOGC is proud to offer two fully equipped gymnasiums to our gymnasts, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our competition squads compete in regional and national events each year. Parents bring their children from all over the region and further to be a part of TOGC.

Our club’s philosophy has always been to give children a safe, friendly environment to learn. In the spirit of Sue Goodman’s quest, TOGC aim to share her passion by inspiring our gymnasts, giving them the confidence to perform and enjoy it. Gymnastics not only promotes an active healthy lifestyle but teaches children skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to educate our older gymnasts to become coaches, continue in the sport and in turn, inspire the next generation.

TOGC is a Not for Profit Company, limited by guarantee, and a registered Community Amateur Sports Club.

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