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This has been a testing time for a lot of people and very challenging for the gymnastic community as whole. We remained closed in response to Government instructions. In anticipation of a go ahead to reopen we have looked carefully at our gym and how we operate our classes.  We have developed a policy and undertaken a risk assessment to identify what we believed the risks to be and what we needed to put in place to give some assurance that we are able to safeguard the health and welfare of all of those coming to our club, gymnasts and coaches alike. We have taken into account Government and Governing Body guidance in developing systems and procedures. We have complied with the 5 steps set out by the Government to enable us to operate safely while providing an enjoyable gymnastic experience for our participants.  Things will be different and the new normal may take some adjustments from all of us. 

Arrival and dispersal will be even more tightly controlled, and we have developed a new procedure which has now been put in place.

In the short term, parents and carers will not be allowed to enter the building as the waiting room will remain closed, only gymnasts will be allowed. This is an unfortunate necessity and we recognise that the loss of viewing facilities does present some challenges.  We are working closely with our Welfare Officer to ensure that safeguarding the welfare of participants remains of paramount importance.

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